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Buy 5 bottles of Quinta das Arcas Conde Villar Vinho Verde get 1 bottle free! — applied at checkout

Our end of August SPECIAL!! I LOVE THIS WINE!

This Vinho Verde from the Northern Provence of Portugal, Minho, is light, crisp and refreshing. True to the history of this fresh white wine, the wine maker creates a natural effervescence that is just slightly noticeable on the palate. This IS the wine for your hot late summer evening. Also a perfect match for your lazy afternoon lunches or snacks poolside!

For dinner, use as your starter wine! So delicious with salads and fresh sea foods. Think oysters, shrimp, calamari! All those yummy delicacies! Also a fantastic paring with Black Cod, Salmon, Sea Bass and other cold water fish.  The light acidity of this crisp wine will freshen your palate with each sip, and prepare you for your next delightful bite!

My offer for you to explore a little touch of Northern Portugal even though we can't visit there just yet!