If your question is not answered here please email us directly at info@theorganiccellar.com and we'll get back to you straight away. 


It's a summer heat wave, will my order ship right away?

Due to the temperamental nature of wine, we will occasionally hold orders to avoid stress during delivery. While we ship in highly heat resistant packaging, it would be irresponsible to ship your wine through a summer scorcher. We will hold orders in our temperature controlled warehouse until the weather clears or we receive explicit directions from the purchaser. We'll do our best to update you individually!


How do you ship my wine?

We ship all of our wine in standard 2, 6, and 12 bottle boxes with styrofoam pocketed interiors. These help keep the bottles stable through transport and are fantastic for regulating temperature. We understand that styrofoam is not excellent for the environment and ask that you please re-use your box, either to keep your wines in or share with a friend. We are always on the hunt for a better option so please let us know!


I received my wine is there anything I should know?

YES! Wine can get shaken up a little during it's travels. To ensure that you'll have the very best possible experience with your wine, please allow it to rest for at least on week in a dark environment with a stable 50º-65º F. If you just can't wait, we understand! At the very least, please make sure you're serving the wine at the correct temperatures

Sparkling: 40º-45º F

White:45º-50º F

Rosé and Light  Bodied Red: 50º-55º F

Red: 55º-65º F

Dessert/Sweet Wine: 45º-50º F


My wine doesn't taste right!

Yikes! We do our best to make sure your wine arrives to you with the absolute best protection it can. We stand behind every bottle we sell and we will handle returns and faulty bottles individually. Please give us a call at +1-949-306-5474 and we'll sort it out asap!


I'm a member of the Wine Club, why isn't my 10% discount showing up?

All discounts for wineclub members are handled on our side as we process them. Unfortunately our ecommerce solution doesn't currently allow us to tag you with a special 10% off discount right now, so we handle it by charging your card 10% less on your purchase when we approve the transaction. We're working to improve this service as we expand.