Remember your Special Mom!

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Hi Wine lovers!

Why not send your Special Mom an Exceptional Mother's Day gift from The Organic Cellar?

Giol Luisa, from Tenuta Azienda Giol, north of Venice. This is the oldest Bonded winery in northern Italy. First established in 1427, and now producing the most highly awarded Organic Proseccos in the world! The Giol Luis is a soft 100% Merlot, made in the Charmat method, like Prosecco. It's flavors of fresh strawberries are perfect for a starter, a sip by the pool, or a desert with rich Chocolate! 

Dominio de Punctum White Verdejo, a beautiful Native white wine from the plains of Le Mancha, sub Region Castilla, southeast of Madrid, Spain. The wine maker Ruth, puts extra efforts into making her delicious and elegant wines. Pare with hard cheeses, think Manchango! Or salads, fish or poultry dishes.

And finally from the Bask area of Northeastern Spain, the region of Navarra, a delicious fruity, Tempranillo Carbonica. Jorge and Raul use the whole cluster of grapes to settle and ferment naturally, just as the French do to make a Beaujolais. This is a rare gem and you can even drink a little cool. A great bottle to take to the Beach or on Picnics!

We will wrap up these 3 perfect bottles and and give you a 10% Discount on your order! And as a Special Special, if you double or add three wines, we will ship it Free!