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Your mouth is a temple, especially in terms of wine. It's where wine goes to live, to be enjoyed, and then, to die. Maximizing that short experience with the sweet grapey nectar of the gods should be as important as choosing a good bottle.  We've know that essentially and flossing are the core essentials to a clean and healthy mouth, but they essentially leave out the tongue. Your tongue is the most important tool for enjoying wine and it gets DIRTY. This is where the Orabrush comes in. My resident hypochondriac, my younger sister, gave me one for Christmas and it has changed my tasting game...

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Where better to start this blog than with the tools you'll need to enjoy it. Supplies, equipment, the ensemble, the whole shebang. I have compiled my personal list of 5 essential wine tools that are key to enjoying wine the best and simplest way.  The wine tools selection of stores like Williams Sonoma can resemble more of an arms race than a well curated group of tools. The fact of the matter is that no one needs the $120 bunny ear corkscrew, the Riedel glasses, or inert gas pouring machine to enjoy a glass of their favorite wine to the...

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