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  The Most Wonderful Place on Earth, Montepulciano, Italy There are a few lucky times in life when you feel truly at home. I have had the pleasure of feeling this more than my fair share, and never more than when visiting the Roberti Family in  Montepulciano, Italy.  The Roberti's are part of an ancient Italian line of accomplished lawyers, doctors, statesmen, and now, winemakers.  Saverio Roberti, is a revered lawyer from Rome where his pro bono work around his Campo Dei Fiori office earned him the love of locals. (He regularly receives bouquets to this day) His true love,...

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A load of new research from an unlikely source has captured the interest of scientists and health nuts around the world. Ria Chhabra, a 16 year old Sophomore Student from Texas, has been working under an SMU Professor for the past three years on what was originally a science fair project. The project studies the lives of fruit flies who live entirely on either conventional or organic diets and the results are startling.  "By nearly every measure, including fertility, stress resistance and longevity, flies that fed on organic bananas and potatoes fared better than those who dined on conventionally raised produce."...

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