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In September 2011 I was lucky enough to be studying Italian in Umbria at the University for Foreigners in Perugia, just a two or three hour train ride from nearly anywhere in Tuscany. One lucky day I got an email from my friend Edoardo Dilaghi, owner of Allegretti, inviting me to help with the harvest. Here's a collection of images from that weekend, mixed with a few from an earlier trip to the vineyard.    It was a ton of fun and good hard work. We were all well rewarded with some incredible wines and amazing meals put together by...

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  The Most Wonderful Place on Earth, Montepulciano, Italy There are a few lucky times in life when you feel truly at home. I have had the pleasure of feeling this more than my fair share, and never more than when visiting the Roberti Family in  Montepulciano, Italy.  The Roberti's are part of an ancient Italian line of accomplished lawyers, doctors, statesmen, and now, winemakers.  Saverio Roberti, is a revered lawyer from Rome where his pro bono work around his Campo Dei Fiori office earned him the love of locals. (He regularly receives bouquets to this day) His true love,...

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Vito and Mila Perrini Teaching Local Kids About Healthy Eating Brother and sister duo Vito and Mila Perrini saved their failing family farm in the late 1990's. Generations of ancestors had toiled on the scorching hot lands that now surround their new state-of-the-art winemaking cantina in Castellaneta Marina, Apulia. While the region is chronically plagued by low average wages, low economic output, and some of the hottest weather in the country, the Perrinis are utterly excelling and they're bringing their community up with them.  Vito has been awarded the Oscar Green Award, Italy's highest award for farmers, for innovative and...

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