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  The Most Wonderful Place on Earth, Montepulciano, Italy There are a few lucky times in life when you feel truly at home. I have had the pleasure of feeling this more than my fair share, and never more than when visiting the Roberti Family in  Montepulciano, Italy.  The Roberti's are part of an ancient Italian line of accomplished lawyers, doctors, statesmen, and now, winemakers.  Saverio Roberti, is a revered lawyer from Rome where his pro bono work around his Campo Dei Fiori office earned him the love of locals. (He regularly receives bouquets to this day) His true love,...

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Alessandro Costantini, Organic Cellar Italian Exporter, hard at work with his new employees It takes great people with a lifetime of experience to source wines from a country like Italy. It's a country with more individual wine makers, regional wine denominations  dialects, and grape varietals in production than any other country in the world. Alessandro Costantini does it with style and grace. Alessandro, founder of Wine O'Clock in Milan, is our man on the ground and most trusted advisor. His experience as head of marketing for Ruffino Wines in the 1990's and 2000's gave him access to a world of wine knowledge and connections that...

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