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This Father's Day we're not mucking about with laziness. The days of neck ties, socks, and skymall purchases are through and this year we're setting you straight. It's easy to get Dad a great Father's Day gift... because we've done it for you. This six-pack is comprised of one white and five reds, all Italian classics that dad will know, or pretend to know. He won't be pretending when says he loves them. 

Retailing for $130, we've got them priced at $100. That's $30 you can put toward all the fine meats Dad is going to want to enjoy his wine with. Check them out below and buy it here!

Elle and Brian

 Daddy Loves You! Give Him The Wine He Needs!

Maccagno - Roero Arneis DOCG

$20, Vintage: 2010

The only white of the bunch is no wussy. The 100% Roero varietal is an honored grape in northern Italy and it can dish it as well as it can take it. This wine is bright and brimming with ripe golden apple and citrus-packed acidity that's at home with veggies as much as it is with steak tartar. Oh goodness, that's good. 

Casa al Vento - Aria Chianti Classico DOCG

$28, Vintage: 2007

The most classic of Classico's, just like your favorite guy. A 100% Sangiovese labored over for years by Italy's no. 1 winemaker, Stefano Chioccioli. It's one of the only Organic Certified Chianti Classico's and it's as good as they get. A top 100 wine in Italy and winner of a litany of other awards, this one is at home in Dad's trophy cabinet or his decanter. 

Camparo - Dolcetto di Diano d'Alba DOCG

$23, Vintage: 2008

Deep red juice with a berry bouquet and a velvet smooth almond finish... sounds like Dad in the height of his Disco-Era prime. Pair this with any of your favorite grilled dishes or favorite cheeses. Can you dig it?

Casa Wallace - Monferatto Rosso DOC

$24, Vintage: 2008

biodynamic blend of Northern Italian classics Dolcetto and Barbera with familiar Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. It's deep, memorable, and it blossoms when decanted. You'll find this wine in the hands of wine lovers who are often horizontally reclined on their favorite recliner, working on their swirling technique. 

Allegretti - l'Uzzolo Super Tuscan IGT

$19, Vintage: 2008

l'Uzzolo is a Super Tuscan by our very own Super Tuscan friend, Edoardo Dilaghi. A 50/50 blend of Cabernet and Merlot, it's big and round and it reflects the perfect soil and weather conditions of one of Chianti's most idyllic spots. It's gamey, rich, and pairs well with a big good cigar. This wine is Dad's new favorite. 

Odoardi - Savuto Rosso DOC

$15, Vintage: 2005

A blend of Gaglioppo, Greco Nero, Magliocco Canino, Nerrello Cappuccio, Sangiovese... If your Dad is anything like mine then none of that will be pronounced well but it will be thoroughly enjoyed. Best paired with a fine cheese plate or a big complex meaty meal, this Calabrian wine is profound, just like Dad will be after a few glasses. 


Bubba and Elle!

Don't forget Grandpa!

Deal runs through Father's Day 2013 so don't dilly-dally, we've got limited quantities. GET IT HERE

Written by Drew Cuddy — May 30, 2013

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